Our company’s success is based on our customers, our products and our employees. Since over 25 years, we have been ensuring maximum viability, productivity and thus process reliability of the plants. This is why our customers put their trust in our reliable products and company.


Corporate Policy

Everybody in our company is responsible for the quality of the own performance. Every employee has a significant contribution to make to quality. This quality requires permanent optimization. This is why we are constantly open to change and innovation.


Company aim

To guarantee the availability of a complete product range, we will steady adapt new products. We will explore new markets and install a distribution place to be present at the point of sale.


Our development is marked by continuous research, consideration of customer requirements and perpetual product innovations. Also, our company is under continuous development with regards to the newest and most efficient high-tech machines and production methods.


Precision in manufacturing and execution
Our mechanical precision manufacturing of high-strength plastic parts made out of solid material guarantees absolute seal tightness and operating safety which makes them suitable for high-purity processes.


Performance meets efficiency
The goal we set ourselves is not only to meet our customers’ expectations but to exceed them. In case of pumps and filters we count on an intelligent modular design. Customised versions can be configured by mounting prefabricated components still remaining the highest reliability.


As our products underlay continuous improvement processes we are certified according to ISO:9001. Therefore, we guarantee a constantly optimal quality of our people, our products and our company.


All our processes are based on both an efficient use of resources and environmental responsibility.