Optimized ensemble acting guarantees an efficient overall-system.

Sager + Mack offers perfect allround solutions from one source – for applications in various industry sections including the electroplating industry. We deliver single chemical pumps, single Filterstations or complete plants of filter stations modular designed with the fitting filter media.

FILTER MEDIA – Sager + Mack supplies all needed consumables for all filters. Whether you require filter cartridges 10″, 20″, or 30″, highflow filtercartridges, filterbags, Sorber SM, Sorbertex, filterpaper of different sizes and weight, filtercloth or filtercambric in each micron, Sager + Mack can provide it to you.


You certainly use different kind of filters – disc filters, cartridge filters or bag filters and you purchase these from various suppliers, which in turn deliver each their own consumables. But would it not be much easier for you, to only have one reliable supplier for all consumables. Sager + Mack offers this possibility. Because we distribute consumables worldwide, we purchase them on favorable terms, and this is a clear benefit for you!
We supply the majority of market consumables from stock. Filter consumables are our top sellers and we do everything we can so that you receive your consmables just in time!


As a manufacturer of disc filters Sager + Mack of course delivers proprietary high quality filtration paper in various sizes and weights. This filtration paper is available at attractive prices from stock in measures and weights common in the market. Just ask for an offer.

Filter cartridges are available in different versions (Double Open End ( DOE ), Single Open End ( SOE ), etc.) from stock. Whether proprietary melt blown, string-wound or active carbon cartridges, Sager + Mack offers various micro sizes and different lengths at best conditions.

Sager + Mack advanced highflow filter elements for electroplating industry, available in lengths of 10 „ , 20 „ , 40 „ from stock. The filter elements are chemically resistant and have a very large filter surface. Since these self – developed elements filter from the inside out, no dirt enters the filter housing when the pump is switched off . Thanks to the attached supporting ring there is no risk that the highflow filter element bursts with excessive pressure.

There is a special filter material for the adsorption filter: Sorber SM is manufactured in defined fiber thickness and density. It consists of long-stranded, fiber-based, surface-enlarging, stringlike structures and is especially designed for pressure filtration. The surface selectively adsorbs mineral and synthetic oils, mineral impurities are also filtered.

Filter bags are available for Sager + Mack own filter devices as well as other commercially available filter systems.