Recycling of liquids, disposal and neutralization of industrial wastewater and much more…

Sager + Mack offers tailor-made, ready-to-install solutions in the field of environmental technology. Sager + Mack pumps and filters are durable and versatile: exhaust air purification, landfill dewatering, precious metal recovery, various filtration tasks, wastewater treatment, filling, and more.

PUMPS IN THE FIELD OF ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING – Safe to use and suitable for continuous operation! Neutralization, recycling or disposal of industrial wastewater requires robust and strong pumps. Thanks to their special processing, our pumps are resistant to chemicals and withstand corrosive liquids.

Sager + Mack enables safe and reliable handling of media that are hazardous to health. From the use of pure chemicals to highly chemically contaminated waste water. Our technology is used in numerous applications. Depending on the application, we can offer you horizontal or vertical pumps for this purpose.

Sager + Mack pumps fill, empty, charge and dose. Intelligent detail solutions enable controlled or uncontrolled operation, which always ensures the efficient operation of your plant technology. Low-maintenance, magnetically coupled pumps enable safe and leak-free operation. Environmentally harmful substances are no longer an issue due to the hermetic sealing. The special design of the impellers and bearings also allows operation with more heavily contaminated media containing solids. Sager + Mack stands for more safety and a long service life.


FILTERS – Sager + Mack offers you a large product portfolio of filters – in the field of environmental technology, these can of course also be used for the recycling of fluids.

FILTERSTATIONS – For waste water neutralization and other filtration tasks we produce completely piped filters on a solid frame. Sager + Mack filter stations are delivered ready for operation and with the appropriate magnetic centrifugal pump. Our products are designed for industrial use and are extremely robust. They can withstand corrosive liquids and highly aggressive substances such as. The fields of application in environmental technology are manifold. They include filtration, air and gas scrubbing, as well as the purification of wastewater and the recovery of substances contained therein. In many cases special solutions are necessary, which are the order of the day for us, thanks to our experience. We support you in your projects from the very beginning.

Cartridge filter
Disc filter

Application areas:

  • Circulation
  • Circulation of chemicals
  • Cleaning
  • Conveying from IBC containers
  • Engine cleaning plants
  • Evaporation
  • Extinguishing agent production
  • Feeding precipitant
  • Filling
  • Filling plants
  • Filtration tasks
  • Flame retardant production
  • Flocculant production
  • Gas and exhaust air scrubbers
  • Landfill dewatering
  • Neutralization of waste water
  • Precious metal recovery
  • Purification plants
  • Recycling
  • Seawater desalination
  • Seawater pumping
  • Supply from storage tank
  • Tanker emptying
  • Waste air treatment
  • Waste water treatment
  • Water supply
  • Water treatment

Transportable media:

  • Acids, Aluminum sulfate, Ammonium aluminum sulfate, Ammonium iron (II) sulfate, Ammonium sulfate, Antifreeze
  • Boric acid, Brine, Bromine
  • Calcium hydroxide, Calcium nitrate, Chlorinated water, Chloronickel (Chlorophyceae), Citric acid
  • Diethylene glycol, Dimethylamine
  • Ethylene glycol
  • Ferric sulfate, Ferrichloride, Fluorosilicic acid
  • Glycol
  • Hydrochloric acid, Hydrochloric acid (hydrochloric acid), Hydrogen cyanide (prussic acid), Hydrogen peroxide, Hydrogen peroxide
  • Iron (II) chloride, Iron (III) chloride, Iron (III) nitrate, Iron (III) sulfate
  • Magnesium carbonate, Magnesium chloride, Magnesium hydroxide, Magnesium sulfate
  • Ozone
  • Palmitic acid, Palmitic acid (hexadecanoic acid), Phosphorus oxychloride, Polyglycol, Potassium acetate, Potassium chloride, Potassium hydrogen sulfate (potassium bisulfate), Potassium sulfate
  • Salt water, Seawater, Slurries, Soda ash, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium bisulfite, Sodium carbonate, Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Sodium hydrogen sulfite (bisulfite lye), Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), Sodium hydroxide solution, Sodium hydroxide solution, Sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleaching lye), Sodium nitrate, Sodium nitrate, Sodium peroxide, Sodium silicate, Sodium sulfite, Sulfuric acid, Sulfuric sodium, Sulfurous acid, Surfactants
  • Tartaric acid (dihydroxysuccinic acid)
  • Urea (UREA)
  • Water
  • Zinc sulfate


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