2023   New warehouse and logistics center: expansion of the production area by a further 1000 square meters

2022  Patent horizontal clamping device

2021  Technical developments: Manufacturing the Mack 250/400 – a process-optimized filter station for individual applications

2020  Technical developments: Manufacturing the SMARTMack – an intelligent filter station for predictive, digital maintenance

2019  Technical developments: Manufacturing the MackNICKEL – a process optimized filter station for regenaration and continuous filtration for Nickel process of POP-lines

2018  Technical developments: Manufacturing the BIG Mack – a filtering station with a flow rate up to 80 m³/h

2016  Technical developments: Developing a disc filtering system with optimized flow design

2015  Technical developments: Improving a screw top cartridge filter

2014   Sager + Mack is celebrating it´s 25th company anniversary

2013   Technical developments: Developing the first IE4 – magnetic driven pump

2011   Expanse of the production area for about 1100 m²

2010   Technical developments: Developing a filtering cover with a linear clamping-system

2009  With the certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Sager + Mack shows it´s consequent quality management as a central part of the company strategy.

Technical developments: Launch of IE2 motors

2008  Sager + Mack builds up a quality managament-system for a DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification

2003  Technical developments: Manufacturing a 4-pole magnetic driven pump

2002  Expanse of the production area

1999  Technical developments: Sager + Mack has developed a magnetic driven diving pump for a maintenance-free running

1998  A further assembly and production hall is finished

1995  Sager + Mack moves the headquarter to Ilshofen. In a new builded plant you find the production, stock, disposition and administration. The high demand of galvanic pumps and filters causes a quick growth of the company

1993  Technical developments: First magnetic driven pump manufactured completely from CNC cutting tool with SIC friction bearing and rare earth-bonded magnets. The hermetically sealed construction is a guarantor for an absolute safe product. The pump has a lower need of space, guarantess a low noise level and is very easy to dismantle

1992  Technical developments: Launch of the first doubled tubular impeller constructed for a full plastic material. Result is a repeated rise of the total head metres and a calm bathlevel

1991  Technical developments: First stainless steel diving pump for a reliable transport of potassium permanganate-solution

1991  Technical developments: Maturing a tubular impeller made of plastic completely manufactured by maching
Advance: a lower Axial thrust and a higher total head metres

90´s  Technical developments: Technical developments: The quality of Sager + Mack galvanic pumps and filter passed the industrial performance. Consequently, the improvement and production of special costumize solutions for the chemical industry goes on. Market launch of a magnetic driven pump

1989  Franz Sager and Peter Mack founded the company in Michelbach an der Bilz. Five employees are developing and producing galvanicpumps and filters for the use in galvanic plants