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Type TPK | immserion depths 270 mm, 400 mm, 600mm

  • These single stage vertical immersion centrifugal pumps, designed as standpipe versions are specifically produced for application in corrosive, aggressive and crystallizing chemicals
  • The pump shaft is cantilevered in the motor. These pumps are therefore run dry safe
  • All plastic components are manufactured by means of shape cutting technology of semi-finished products. The chemical resistance is thus more definite and the risk e.g. glass fibres might be washed out and in turn lead to weakening of the components or contamination of the pumped medium can be avoided
  • The tubular impeller of the pump is designed to obtain high pressure heads even without the prevailing tight sealing gaps which are sensitive to deposits and contamination
  • Operating temperatures: PP, PP-N < 75°C | PVDF < 95°C


  • Version in PP
  • Immersion depths 270mm / 400mmdry safe immersion pump in block assembly
  • High operational safety due to bearingless design
  • Intake strainer
  • Resistant to solids
  • Discharge pipe with male union and axial gasket seal
  • PP-wrapped stainless steel shaft
  • Labyrinth-seal
  • Static sealings in EPDM or FPM
  • Protection class IP55
  • Suitable for frequency controller
  • Rain protection motor


  • Model in PVDF
  • Immersion depth 600mm
  • Suction pipe extension
  • Bearing flange with O-Ring sealing in EPDM, FPM or FEP coated
  • Pressure pipe with special connection
  • PVDF-wrapped stainless steel shaft or full metal shaft in titanium or stainless steel
  • Shaft seal optional in gas tight or gas-tight shaft with labyrinth-seal
  • Static sealings in FEP coated
  • Protection class IP56
  • Special voltage; special motor coating; special frequencies

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