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  • All relevant data of your filter station at one view
  • More effective maintenance to reduce production stops
  • Remote diagnosis via P-Cloud directly with the producer
  • Enables plannable maintenance intervals
  • More effective usage of filtermedia / consumables
  • Possibility to combine with an Online-Shop for Filtermedia
  • The filter housing made from PP material is multifunctional: It is matching for different filter-inserts like cartridge-, disc-, or adsorbtionfilter
  • Easy handling: the PP filter housing allows a fast and easy change of the filter medium without any tools
  • Horizontal filter inlet on top – vertical filter outlet on the bottom
  • Housing drain for reduced cleaning effort
  • Non-metallic solution contact for plastic version; this means high chemical resistance
  • The housing cover is equipped with a stainless steel reinforcing plate and with a surrounding splash guard for additional safety
  • This housing is designed for pressures up to max. 3 bar
  • Categorization acc. to Directive 2014/68/EU
  • Application area: GMF, PCB, waste water and many others
  • Including a horizontal magnetic driven pump


  • Version in PP
  • Sealings in EPDM
  • Connection (blind) on the cover for an air bleeding unit and pressure gauge
  • Cartridge-, disc- or adsorption-insert
  • Housing connections with external thread and axial o-ring sealing
  • Through bolt star knob fastening


  • Version in PVDF
  • Sealing in FPM or FEP coated
  • Pressure gauge with diaphragm transmitter
  • Additional filter elements for change
  • Swing star knob fastening
  • Hinge cover
  • Flow rate display



Whether you equip these filters with cartridges, discs or with adsorbtion material, Sager + Mack provides you with the necessary consumables in stock.

Depending of your choice of the filter insert and the required capacity, the appropriate Sager + Mack magnetic driven pump or immersion centrifugal pump will be delivered to you.


This cartridge filter insert is designed for the Sager+Mack multifuncional filter. These filter elements are depth filter elements that are usually specially wound or produced by the melt-blown method and are flowed through from the outside to the inside. Contamination of different sizes infiltrate to different depths in the filter cartridge and are retained here. The filter cartridges are attached by a central tension rod and counter-holder and fixed to the insert, thus a by-pass is excluded.


Material of the filter insert: PP (optional PPN or PVDF)
Filter medium: 5 Filter cartridges 20″
Type: DOE* / Ø 2.5″ (~ Ø 64 mm)
Max. operating temperature: 75 °C

* Double Open End


  • When cleaning the filter, these cartridges will be changed easily and fast
  • Extremly short process interruption during filter change
  • Installation error absolutely minimized
  • Large dirt adsorption capacity
  • High flow rate
  • Low pressure drop
  • Cartridge change easy and without any tools
  • Non-metallic solution contact – non-corrosive



This disc filter insert is designed for the Sager+Mack multifuncional filter. The filter inserts are assembled with filter inlays (i.e. paper, nonwoven fabric or mesh). The contamination is collected on the filter inlays. which can be easily disposed and changed. Depending on the flow rate and the filter porosity, different filter inlays can be used, which can be compiled to filter packages. The filter inserts are clamped between screened and grooved plastic plates – so by-pass is excluded.


Material of filter insert: PP (optional PPN or PVDF)
Filter medium: max. 65 Filter disc*
Type: 210/50
Polluting load volume: 9.4 dm³**
Max. operating temperature: 75 °C

* Depending on thickness of filter inlays (max. height of deck approx. 20”)
** Reference value for H2O depending on filter porosity and application


  • This is a very low-price filter media
  • The filter inlays can be easily replace when cleaning the filter
  • Low amounts of the filter media have to be disposed
  • Disc filters are also particularly suitable for slugging with a filter aid such as diatomaceous earth or activated carbon
  • High polluting load volume, large filter area
  • Change easy and without any tools
  • Non-metallic solution contact – non-corrosive



This adsorbtion filter insert is designed for the Sager + Mack adsorbtion filter. The insert is filled with the adsorbtion filter material. The dirt attaches on this special material. The saturated material can simply be busted and disposed.


Material of filter insert: PP (optional PPN)
Filtermedia: Adsorbtion material
Type: Sorber SM / Sorbertex
Adsorbtion volumen: 16 l
Max. operating temperature: 75 °C


  • Optimization of the cleaning result: removes oil and mechanic dirt
  • Reduces the consumption of chemicals
  • Reduces the process-costs
  • Maintains rinsing bath in top condition
  • Reduces amount of COD, TOC and DOC**
  • Easy-handling
  • Non-metallic solution contact; non corrosive

** COD – chemical oxygen demand | TOC – total organic carbon | DOC – dissolved organic carbon


  • Adsorption from mineral oils of aqueous cleaners like i.e.
    – surfactant solutions
    – alcaline or neutral media (emulsifying or non emulsifying)
    – electrolytic degreasing
    – ultrasonic cleaners
    – acid etch degreasers
    – phosphate baths
  • Separation of oil slurry in the media surface
  • Extended lifetime of aqueous cleaners


The big range of available filter bags made of polypropylene-needle felt or polypropylenefabric in various grades of porosity allows the exact adaption to the requirement.

An integrated support in the filter-housing minimizes waste materials that have to be disposed. The filter bag is being pushed against the adapter with o-ring by hold down device. So a hermetic sealing is ensured – in spite of quick filter change. The design of the hold down device allows the usage of both types of filter bags with a plastic flange and filter bags with an inserted ring.


Material of the filter insert: PP needle felt or mesh
Filter medium: 1 Filter Bag
Type:  Ø 108 mm to 182 mm
Max. operating temperature: 75 °C PP, PPN, PVDF: 95°C


  • These filters are characterized by a large dirt intake capacity
  • Retention of high particle concentrations
  • Reduced cleaning effort
  • Fast and easy change of filter bags – very short process interruption
  • Brackets, handles and cover reinforcing plate are made of stainless steel
  • Owing to the large diameter of the filter bag considerable advanteages will be given by the flow from the inside to outside: the contamination is collected inside the filter bag