• Overview
  • Features


  • Modular filter station with slurry tank
  • It contains all tubes necessary, fixed on a base plate together with the pump and is thus ready for connection
  • Disc filters are especially designed for applications in which a large dirt intake capacity and a large filter area is required
  • Newly developed optimized flow design of the innovative filter discs for large volume flows, low pressures and optimized filtration
  • The filter systems generate relatively low pressures; this results in longer service life and better filtration, since no dirt is being “pushed through”
  • The housing lid is fitted with a stainless steel reinforcing plate and for additional security with a surrounding splash guard
  • Categorization acc. to Directive 2014/68/EU


  • Version in PP
  • Sealings in EPDM
  • Cover with swing star knob
  • Active carbon paper or pre-coated active carbon possible
  • Air bleeding unit with connection for pressure gauge
  • Stainless steel lid reinforcing plate
  • Surrounding splash guard
  • Connection for housing drain


  • Version in PVDF
  • Sealings in FPM or FEP coated
  • Swing star knob
  • Hinge cover
  • Pressure gauge
  • Special connections on customer’s request


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